About us

Handdy Apps is a suite of simple software applications built for self employed and small businesses. They are built on the cloud using the latest technologies. They are powerful yet ridiculously simple to use.

Who are we?

We are a team of small business owners who have founded and run small businesses on our own. We have seen various degrees of success in our small business. We knew that this success is a result of hard work, anxiety, stress and lots of long hours.

Why was Handdy Apps built?

Handdy Apps were built as a result of our anger. The anger of paying a lot of money for accounting software with 100's of features. These were the features that we never want or never use. But we had no choice. Besides we had to pay and renew it every year for new versions with even more features.

It was also getting complex to use them and we could not afford to hire an accountant. But without using an accountant, the accounting tasks were getting back logged. That is when we decided to build our own applications.

  1. Accounts - We use this to record our expenses (and income)
  2. Invoices - We use this to send online invoices and get paid online

We used it for our own business and we loved it. That is when we decided extend it to other small businesses like us. These applications are in the cloud. So it can be used from anywhere. It is built on powerful google app engine. It is safe and secure.

Why small business must try Handdy?

Running a small business is a great opportunity - you get to make your own decisions, meet new people, brainstorm for ideas and take a break when you need it. But the down side of it is learning to use complex software to run the business. Now you have an alternative.

The alternative is Handdy apps. It is ridiculously simple. We have used this for our small business and it works. It works very very well. Try it. We are sure you will love it. ;)